About usIntroduce Seondol-maeul/(sundolmaul)/

JADE: LEE dreams of coexistence of tradition and modernity. In our traditional tea culture, there are various factors that can meet the modern people's taste. In addition to tradition, introducing the attraction of authentic JADE:LEE tea, allow modern people freely permeate naturally to our various tea. It is also widely known around the world that Korean tea culture is attractive enough in many aspects.

Seon Dol Ma Eul historyIntroduce Seondol-maeul/(sundolmaul)/

I worked as a tea maker before I opened my company. We continue to research and develop new products even after our start-up. In addition, we continue to engage in extermination and events to communicate with our customers.

  • 2019

    Establishment of green tea and fermented green tea manufacturing process within 10 years

  • 2018

    Product Development - Red ginseng tea, red bellflower tea, Red Radish Tea

  • 2015

    Product Development - Morning Pumkin Tea

  • 2013

    Product Development - Pure Citron Tea (Tea bag sugar free)

    JADE:LEE trademark registration No.40-0947615

    Logo trademark registration No. 40-0947583

  • 2012

    Product Development - Fresh Plum Liquid

  • 2012. 08.

    Patent application for green tea salt and its manufacturing method
    Application number 10-2012-0095361

  • 2012. 05.

    2012 2012 17th Hadong Wild Tea Culture Festival

    Awareded, Good Tea of the Year in Japan
    Registered number 5493308

  • 2011. 09.

    Foreign trademark application Japan, JADE LEE “쟈드리”

    Method of manufacturing plum liquid using plum and tea
    Application number 10-2011-0092380

  • 2011. 08.

    Exported JADE:LEE to Singapore

  • 2011. 07.

    Application for trademark registration

    JADE:LEE application number 40-2011-0037244

    JADE:LEE Logo application number 40-2011-0037274

  • 2011. 06.

    Awarded "Excellence Award" at the 4th Korean Tea Competition

    Product development - Plums in black tea

  • 2011. 05.

    Awarded on 26th Hadong Wild Tea
    Culture Festival Awareded, Good Tea of the Year, "Consumer of the Year"

  • 2011. 03.

    Closed deal with Damian on wormwood tea in bulk

  • 2011. 02.

    Development of public design package and brand logo for village

  • 2011. 01.

    Changed company name to Seon-Dol Village

  • 2010. 06.

    PR activities to attend the fair in Korea(Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Changwon)

  • 2010. 02.

    Choungsan food business established

    Development of tea
    (green tea, fermented tea, mugwort tea, persimmon leaf tea)

CertificationVarious certifications that are verified and confident

  • Rural convergence industry operator

  • German cert.1

  • Venture business certificate

  • Inspection report

  • Certification of 1

  • Export-specialized company designation document

  • Certification of 2

  • Certification of 3

  • German cert.2

Location(It would be nice to have an explanation of the beautiful scenery of Hadong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.)


Hadong-gun has been known to the king as the place where he used to produce 'Roasted-tea', so the tea produced in Hadong is also nicknamed the 'Tea for King'.
In 2008, the government designated 25,181 pyeong as a special "wild-tea zone" and focused on the production of landmark cars by differentiating them from other mountains.

Seomjin River

Along with Jiri Mountain, the Seomjin River flows in Hadong County. It retains a pure form that is not affected by industrial facilities.

Jiri Mountain

The area, also known as Hadong Green Tea, includes Hwagae and Akyang areas. It is a deep valley from Mt. Jiri to the south, and it is surrounded by mountains that are more than 1,000 meters above sea level. In the case of green tea, 95% of all production is of such high quality as high quality green tea.


Good Energy, Good People.

아시아 No.1을 넘어 세계를 향하는
Leading Company

  • 01

    에너지 펀드 가입 방법

    저희 기업에서는 에너지 펀드를 받고 있습니다.
    환경과 에너지를 생각하시는 분들을 모십니다.

  • 02


    저희 기업에서는 사회공헌에 노력하고 있습니다.
    보다 좋은 세상을 위해 노력하는 기업이 되겠습니다.

  • 03

    교육 기관 견학 신청

    저희 기업에서는 교육기관 및 단체의 견학 신청을 받습니다.
    에너지의 생산과 활용 및 발전에 대해 견학해 보시기 바랍니다.

  • 04

    오시는 길

    서울특별시 목동서로 5200 하이퍼그룹 23층
    [전화번호] 02.1234.1234
    [팩스] 02.3434.3434